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COD4 complete

Finally managed to clear the bonus plane mission in Call of Duty 4 on the highest difficulty.  I kind of gimped it by tossing a flashbang and running past a group of people to make the timer, but I suppose a clear is a clear (not really – I might go back and try to do a cleaner job of it later).  So that completes my jaunt through the single-player campaign.

I’m honestly surprised at how much I like this game.  I’ve generally hated “realistic/tactical” FPSes ever since CS left a very bad taste in my mouth all those years ago, but this game really is something else.  I suppose it’s like Freespace 2 in that it takes very familiar elements from the other games of the same genre and deliberately dropped everything boring while keeping everything good.  Now that’s not an easy feat in itself, but what really set both CoD4 and FS2 from the pack was the excellent mission design.  It wasn’t just “go from A to B and shoot everything in your way,” it wove so much more into its levels, and the resulting experience was tense, unpredictable and incredibly fun to play again and again, regardless of difficulty level.  I can’t think of very many games that have pulled this off successfully.

I don’t know anyone who plays this game in multiplayer, so I’m probably going to stick to the campaign, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I just picked it up and played it through a few times again even though it’s done.  It’s just that much fun to play.  Plus I’ve been meaning to try out video recording now that I have a computer that can handle it, so maybe I’ll toy with using that on this game sometime, too.

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