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I’m on the last two weeks of my co-op work term and I’ve been kind of gloomy as a result.  It’s not that I’m getting fired or anything but I can’t help but feel like I’m slowly floating my way towards the headsman.  It’s been a nice place and a nice experience, though I’m still not sure if I want to actually make a career there.  But then I wonder if I’ll ever look at something and decide something for certain.  I generally dislike burning bridges.

Up to the end of Stage 4 in SA so far.  After some practice with Stage 3 the other day, I just picked it up today and took a crack at it to see how far I would get.  Ended raking in my share of stupid deaths in the first three stages, so I’m actually pretty surprised I made it through all of stage 4, but then Stage 4 was never really that intimidating at lower difficulties.  It finally started to seem scary at Lunatic but I think I can handle it with some practice.

So far I can’t decide is SA is easier or harder than my previous serious Lunatic running in Imperishable Night.  I tend to gauge difficulty by “life theatening” patterns  – that is, patterns that I am likely to die or bomb in even though I know what’s coming.  Let me explain.

I class bullet pattern difficulty into several categories:

  1. Total pushover.  It would take a brain lapse, involuntary muscle twitch, broken gamepad, or poorly timed pop-up MSN message to take a hit during this pattern.
  2. No problem.  I have the hang of this pattern and know how to deal with it.  Barring a misexecution of a given strategy or doing something stupid (which happens depressingly often), this pattern doesn’t really pose a threat unless it’s a bad day.
  3. Tricky.  I know what I’m doing with this pattern but because there’s very little margin for error, I have a fair chance of taking a hit.
  4. Life-threatening.  This pattern is freaking hard and I will almost certainly die or have to bomb.  Definitely need to get better overall, or at least put in more practice to push this down into the easier difficulty levels.
  5. Overwhelming.  Too many bullets, too many grids to track, too fast, too tight, etc etc.  Just can’t handle this at all and will possibly have to die/bomb repeatedly before it’s over.
  6. Screw you, Cave.

And then there are all the miscellaneous patterns that I haven’t wrapped my head around yet and would eventually put into one of the above categories once I have some idea of what to do in it.

Anyway.  While IN’s first three stages are generally easier than SA’s, the number of scoring tricks that are available in IN ramp up the difficulty considerably until it’s hard to tell which one is harder, especially since each game’s style is so different.  Right now I’m finding them roughly even, though I haven’t really practiced the scoring tricks in SA while I used to spend a lot of time on the IN tricks, so that opinion may change soon.  

To me, for the first three stages, I remember  maybe 4-5 patterns that are in the Tricky/Life-threatening class in IN, if you don’t include Last Words and apply scoring tactics to all cards.  Right now SA has about the 3-4, though patterns seem to be going down in difficulty much more quickly as I’m not trying anything score-oriented just yet.

I should spend more time playing shooters but it’s tiring to do that after working all day.

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    April 17, 2009 at 12:55 AM


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