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Hey, why waste it.

I used to play RO rabidly.  It’s eaten a depressingly large chunk of my life, and I have a depressingly encyclopedic knowledge about it.  But anyway, RO is where the Unlimited Fail Works idea came from (the poem rather than this blog), so I need to explain a bit of backstory for it.

The group of friends that I play RO with have long had this thing about MVP hunting.  We comment on how they’re always ridiculously hard to find if you’re actually hunting them, but tend to jump you on the spot if you’re just wandering around on some newbie character that cannot take them on.

Anyway, at one point when we were hunting for Fallen Bishop Hibram, we simply could not find him so we started shouting out loud about how noobish and lost we were, and how horrible it would be if he showed up.  And of course, within two teleports I spot him.

Amusingly enough, this worked pretty often on subsequent runs, and we joked that we should put together a set of these lines using the Unlimited Blade Works format.  I was bored, so I toyed with the idea now and then until I had an RO-oriented version of the poem thought through in my head.  I was originally going to put it down as a forum sig or something, but seeing as how that server’s shut down and that I’m not likely to play RO again (hopefully), I’ll just write it out here.


I am a noob at my char.
Frail is my body, and thin is my blood.

I have lagged out over a thousand times.

Known to grind.
But known to death.

Have withstood pain to hunt many items.
Yet, these hands have never found anything.

So, as I pray, Unlimited Fail Works. 

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  1. Thomas Reusbucks
    April 18, 2009 at 6:21 PM

    your poem sounds like the life of my character when I played RO!

  2. akuun
    April 19, 2009 at 10:07 PM

    Yes, it reflects my RO life too. 😛

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