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Oh, Cave. “Peaceful Death,” indeed.

Dear Cave:  Why must this game be so awesome and so painful at the same time.

I’ve been using the red ship (the fast one, I think?) and what the game calls the “expert” shot type, which gives a boost to both spread and focused shots but cannot carry as many bombs.  This is fine by me, since I dislike bombing to a fault and often die with unused bombs in Touhou games.  I see overabundant bombing as taking the easy way out, and think that resorting to bombing too easily will hamper my ability to learn how to deal with a situation the normal way.  So even though my reluctance to bomb means that I’ll probably game over more quickly, I feel that in the long run I’ll learn faster.  Still, this game is hard as nails and I’m already seeing my hesitation with the bomb button start to melt away.  I’m starting to get used to the concept of hypers and it’s awesome to be able to wield that much firepower for a surprisingly long time if you don’t die or bomb prematurely.

I’ll probably still focus more on SA for now, but this game is actually quite refreshing to me because Touhou carries a fair amount of mental baggage at this point.  It’s nice to just go “WAAAHH BULLETS DODGE DODGE RAH” again.

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