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Blue Wish Resurrection Plus

I finally took up Azareph’s suggestion to try out this game, and it’s pretty good.  I played through Original on the first try with only one death, but that should be taken with a grain of salt.  The default settings appear to make the game easier than it should be, with both autobombing and the game somehow slowing down regularly for no good reason (on a Phenom II X3 720 with a Radeon 4870, no less). Some of the slowdown appears to be done in-game since I noticed the game slowed down at times while staying at 60 fps, but still.  

I’ve heard the game described as playing much like the Dodonpachi series of games, and now I see what they mean. The bullet patterns and level design are definitely Cave-inspired, and done very well to boot.  Besides, some of the patterns were so similar that I think I picked up on a good number of boss patterns more quickly than I otherwise would have because I’ve seen their distant cousins playing various Cave games.  Maybe it’s just because it’s Original mode, but the main difference I’ve noticed so far is that BWR patterns do not require as much memorization to successfully stream in the later stages (unlike Dodonpachi DoJ) and the relative abundance of enemies that remove all bullets on-screen when killed.  Cave also uses this last tactic a fair bit, but again it requires planning to use effectively.

This was quite a lot of fun to play through, with good level design, interesting patterns that don’t feel cheap, and fairly good music.  I’m probably going to come back to it later, and hopefully mess with the settings a little to get rid of the unintentional slowdown.

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