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Irrational and Mistaken Positioning

I’ve been trying to get back into IaMP for no particular reason (after well over a year’s hiatus), and played a few games with mauve today in the #iamp IRC channel.  I’m player 2 here.

Clearly, I favor the boot camp approach to game practice.

Clearly, I favor the boot camp approach.

Despite the above track record being the norm, I’ve been enjoying myself more now than I did back when I first tried to play IaMP back during the channel’s infancy (back when there were less players than there were characters in the game).  You see, IaMP is one of the most unforgiving versus games that I’ve ever played, and the continued activity of the playerbase means the game has grown to ridiculously high levels over the years.  Many people have given up and stopped playing the game due to its unforgiving nature, but a select few have managed to gain some serious skill after literally years of practice.

The biggest reason why I like playing these people is their maturity.  The most advanced players remember the days when they were noobs, and the amount of perseverance and effort that was required to take them to where they are now.  As a result, they show no trace of condescension as long as you show intelligence and a willingness to learn, and make a genuine effort to help you improve.  So even though I lose almost all the time, I really respect that attitude, so it’s not discouraging at all.

I wish I could get below 5 delay, though.

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  1. あるほうらい
    June 3, 2009 at 4:05 AM

    がんばれ ぱくーん

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