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I’m part of -⑨- on Steam, which is a clan where everyone chooses a Touhou character and makes a name in relation to that character. A bunch of people I hang out with on IRC are in this clan, so I joined, and it’s been pretty awesome so far.

I went with Sanae, and eventually settled on the name Only Human. Story-wise, Sanae is a character that was vaunted for having god-like powers in the “real” world, but quickly found out that was pretty average in Gensokyo, after being beaten through the floor in Mountain of Faith by resident crazy people Reimu and Marisa.

I like that name not only because it suits Sanae, but also because I think it’s useful as a reminder to myself. One of the reasons why I like Sanae as a character is because I feel I identify with her. Obviously it’s not on the same magnitude, but I’ve repeatedly been in similar situations throughout my life. Time and time again, I would find something I was talented at and quickly outstrip everyone around me, only to later step onto a larger stage and quickly realize that my skill level is actually downright pedestrian. Being humbled like this over and over again was pretty grueling, but I think the experience eventually forged a few very valuable personality traits that I doubt I would have gotten in any other way.

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