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I spend a lot of time on silly things.

Incredible graphics combined with the cheesiest, most craptacular writing I’ve ever seen in a game. Started out rather underwhelming but turned out pretty decent. Kinda funny, since apparently most other people seemed to like the first half more than the second. CoD4 apparently spoiled me – it really bugged me how you could shoot someone in the chest repeatedly without killing him, until I figured they were probably wearing bulletproof vests or something (you could also shoot the helmets clean off of soldiers without killing them). Last boss fight crashed on me twice for no good reason.

There’s also some silly fun to be had throwing heavy objects through fully destructable houses.

Crysis Warhead
The first game done right. Everything seems to have been improved in this game; writing, gameplay, pacing, level design, etc. The game even runs better without sacrificing visual quality, so I assume they’ve optimized the code. The aiming issue was still there, but it was quickly solved with a newfound respect for shotguns and Gauss rifles.

TH12 demo
Pretty impressive. Typical of what you’d expect of newer Touhou games these days – good music, improved look, somewhat quirky new system, and early levels that are considerably harder than their counterparts in TH6/7/8.

I particularly like the UFO mechanic. The UFOs encourage you to break rank from standard bullet streaming to chase after them, whereas in SA the autocollection on graze made the game feel like it locked you down into the same movement patterns. In other words, the UFOs make the gameplay feel less confined, and the design of the bullet patterns reflect that.

I like how the playable Sanae handles, and finally, this is very true.

Clannad After Story
Finally got around to watching this. I didn’t like it as much as the first season. While the first few story arcs that covered some of the optional side arcs in the original game were good, the later arc that focused on Tomoya felt too bleak to me. I’m sure that was intentional, but I feel that I simply wasn’t in the right mindset to appreciate it.

That’s actually something that I feel is very common with Key’s work. Their style is very distinct, and requires a certain mindset and mood to be enjoyed properly.

What the hell.

1) System SATA drive is too busy with other tasks to record properly, and separate physical IDE hard drive is too slow to create a new video file after the 4 gig file limit is reached.
2) Get new, faster SATA drive. Ghosted system drive onto new drive, and rearranged things so that the new drive is now the system drive. Old SATA is cleared and used for extended storage.
3) FRAPS doesn’t like recording to the separate physical SATA drive. It randomly freezes for extended periods of time, and then when the game finally starts running again, the recording had stopped on its own.
4) I finally try recording to the physical IDE drive again for the heck of it (which has had no changes aside from being moved to a new physical drive mount). It works perfectly – it even creates those new video files without a hitch.

Anyway it somehow works now, and I’ve uploaded some gaming related silliness on my Youtube.

L4D Custom Maps
The influx of custom maps has been great. All of the ones I’ve played so far have been pretty awesome. They’re not perfect, but their overall quality has been very impressive.

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