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This is what failure looks like.

This is a screenshot from a mahjong game that I played this morning.

My luck had been approaching movie-levels of terrible, with me repeatedly throwing tiles only to draw back the same one or the tile next to it. My hands were progressing like molasses. People were winning often before I was even close to tenpai, and those wins were usually on innocent-looking tiles that I discarded.

This screenshot is from last game of that match. Note that there were only a handful of tiles left to draw. One person had declared riichi, so at least one person was in tenpai. A quick glance at the pool showed that three green dragon tiles (“fat choi” to the Chinese) had already been discarded. My hand wasn’t going to go anywhere in the time remaining, and my green dragon was a nearly 100% safe tile to throw out, so I went ahead and did so (It’s the newest tile in my pool. Note that it hasn’t lined up yet.)

(On closer inspection, it turns out only two green dragons had been thrown out. I was already in a pretty bummed mood so I must’ve mistaken a 1 sou somewhere as a green dragon. Anyway, that still made it a somewhat safe tile to throw, since the only way anyone would have needed it was if they were doing a hell wait on a pair.).

Now, since this is a replay, let’s see what the guy next to me had.


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