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Thoughts on Mass Effect 3 (mid-game spoilers)

This section contains mid-game spoilers – for those who are around 15-20 hours into the game but have not yet finished it.

I actually kinda liked Yet Another Space Marine James Vega.

He couldn't look any more generic if he tried, but he actually grows on you. source

When I first saw James, I thought he was yet another generic video game soldier dude. He was, but I was surprised at how likable he became. Through a combination of amusing dialog and good voice acting, what was supposed to be just another squad member became a genuinely likable guy.

Only one hub world.

The Citadel

Good thing the only city in the game looks this awesome. Wait, you get to explore less than 1% of it... source

Throughout the game, the Citadel is the only “city” in the entire game; the only place where you can buy items, get side quests, and so on. This is a far cry from the other entries in the series, not to mention that many of the side quests in ME3 are very bland fetch quests.

Enemy types are limited.


You've fought these things since ME1.

In ME3, I was expecting to fight the Reapers face-to-face, possibly against fully mechanical ground forces or drones or something. Instead, I ended up fighting generic human troops half the time and corrupted versions of existing races the rest. It was rather disappointing, though maybe I was expecting too much.

The Crucible is, for all intents and purposes, a big magic wand that makes the Reapers go away.

The Crucible

It even kinda looks like one.

Throughout the series, the Reapers feel genuinely threatening because they come across as this great, ancient unstoppable enemy. Now, when the destruction of the galaxy is beginning, you just happen to find something that no one understands, but will magically defeat this insurmountable enemy that no one had any idea how to beat before. That is such a cop-out.

Imagine if you’re watching a movie where the hero is on the ground, having just lost a fight with the big bad guy who has his hands raised to deal the finishing blow. But before that blow hits, the hero notices a magic wand that he just happened to land next to, and grabs it. The wand then shoots fairy dust that instantly kills the villain and makes all of the villain’s followers unconditionally surrender to the all the good guys.

That’s pretty much what the Crucible is.

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